What are the advantages of UV-C?

UV-C technology has been successfully used in the medical field for a long time. However, only recently did UV-C become common knowledge because of its effectiveness against COVID. Why did UV-C become so popular and what makes it different than other methods used for treating odors and pathogens?

UV-C lamps
Anti-Microbial UVC Light Sanitation

One difference that stands out is UV-C’s ability to treat airborne pathogens. There are many options for cleaning and wiping surfaces, but what about the air? UV-C lamps are scientifically proven to kill pathogens of all types. Pathogens in the air are drawn into the chamber of machines that have UV-C. With the proper UV-C wavelengths, enough dwell time, and getting the air in close contact with the UV-C lamps, the efficacy is unmatched.

Another advantage of using UV-C is the power it brings to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Similar to how it treats airborne pathogens, VOCs are drawn into the UV-C chamber and broken apart. It is important to understand that once these molecules are disassembled, they will not convert back to VOCs. This helps contractors not face the risk of odors “coming back.”

UV-C is also safe to run in occupied areas. This gives contractors the advantage of running UV-C machines while workers and customers are present. It simplifies logistical issues when protocols don’t have to account for things like making sure the building is unoccupied, proper PPE is being used, areas are correctly contained, etc. In this sense, it is very similar to running a scrubber.

Speaking of scrubbers, UV-C and filtration work very well together – they are great teammates! Filters are very effective at capturing particulates like mold spores, soot, dust, pet dander, etc. UV-C chambers cannot capture these items, but they do treat the microscopic pathogens and break apart the VOCs and odors. Working together, filters and UV-C are a powerful combination.

The last thing to realize is UV-C can be a great item to leave behind. There are many effective chemicals used every day to clean surfaces. But, what happens when you are done cleaning, pack up everything, and leave the building? Having a UV-C machine running 24/7 can give customers the assurance that any future pathogens or VOCs brought into the building will be treated. As you all know, a plan to make happy customers is always a great plan.

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