The Power of Hydroxyl Rooms: Why Restorers Are Making the Switch

For years, ozone rooms have been the go-to method for eliminating odors from contaminated contents. While ozone is known for its effectiveness and speed, it comes with its drawbacks. The damaging effects of ozone on certain materials and its lingering chemical smell have led restoration professionals to seek alternative solutions.

Understanding Hydroxyl Rooms:

Hydroxyl rooms utilize advanced technology to neutralize odors present in contents effectively. Unlike ozone rooms, which rely on ozone gas to oxidize odors, hydroxyl rooms generate hydroxyl radicals, which are highly reactive and capable of breaking down a wide range of odor molecules. This process targets odors at their source, effectively eliminating them rather than merely masking them.

Benefits of Hydroxyl Rooms:

  1. Safe for All Contents: One of the most significant advantages of hydroxyl rooms is their safety for all types of contents. Unlike ozone or chemical cleaning methods, which can damage delicate materials such as rubber, plastic, leather, and electronics, hydroxyl rooms do not harm materials. Restoration professionals can confidently use hydroxyl rooms to deodorize a wide range of items without worrying about potential damage.
  2. No Chemical Smell: Another notable benefit of hydroxyl rooms is that they do not leave behind a chemical smell. Ozone rooms, while effective at eliminating odors, often leave a lingering ozone scent that can be unpleasant and difficult to get rid of. Hydroxyl rooms, on the other hand, eliminate odors without any residual odors.
  3. Occupant-Friendly: Unlike ozone rooms, which require evacuation during treatment due to ozone’s potential health hazards, hydroxyl rooms allow the space to remain occupied while contents are being deodorized. This feature not only minimizes disruptions but also enhances convenience for both restoration professionals and occupants.
  4. Effective Odor Elimination: Hydroxyl rooms are extremely effective at eliminating odors adsorbed in contents. The hydroxyl radical oxidation process penetrates deep into materials, reaching odor molecules in even the most challenging-to-reach areas. As a result, hydroxyl rooms provide thorough and long-lasting odor elimination, ensuring complete restoration of affected items.

Hydroxyl rooms are a cutting-edge solution for effective odor elimination in contents. With their safety, odorless operation, occupant-friendliness, and unmatched efficacy, hydroxyl rooms stand out as the preferred choice for restoration professionals seeking to restore items to their pre-loss condition.

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