Revolutionizing Odor Removal: Airbotx’s Next-Gen Technology

For over 15 years, the conventional method for removing odors has remained almost unchanged. Hydroxyl generators and air-scrubbing devices have served as the dynamic duo to effectively remove odors and purify the air.

However, there is significant room for improvement in terms of technology and functionality. At Airbotx, we recognized the potential for innovation in odor removal. Drawing on years of hands-on experience in restoration and cleaning, our team has actively sought input from fellow industry experts. This collaborative effort has led us to pioneer the next generation of odor-removal technology.

How Do Airbotx Machines Work?

Airbotx machines utilize UV-C technology as a central component of disinfection. UV-C technology has been around for decades, though it has gained greater recognition in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. UV-C has the shortest wavelength on the ultraviolet spectrum, allowing it to effectively eliminate odors by altering the structure of microorganisms, inhibiting their ability to reproduce. 

Ozone is a powerful oxidant used to remove odors, though concerns continue to mount over its link to respiratory problems and the degradation of surrounding materials. Most ozone produced by Airbotx machines is broken down in the machine’s chamber, while only a very insignificant amount actually exits the chamber. Instead, radicals are released from the device to find the odor molecules in the air and disinfect them. This cleaning approach eliminates the odors without leaving residual odors like ozone machines, simply masking the odor or moving it to another room. 

The New Standard: Airbotx

Airbotx currently offers two machines: the 290x and 390x. The 290x is purely for germicidal use, while the 390x is more powerful and can be used to remove strong odors. Airbotx machines effectively address some of the common challenges restorers have faced, simplifying the odor removal process. The distinctive design of Airbotx machines includes: 

  • Large Wheels and Retractable Handle: Both features enhance user-friendliness and facilitate effortless mobility. 
  • Low Power Consumption (less than five amps): Airbotx’s energy-efficient designs allow three machines to run on one standard outlet. 
  • 20-Foot Long Power Cord: Including a 20-foot-long power cord significantly improves usability, reducing the need for multiple extension cords. 
  • Integrated Fan and Filters: Rather than hauling around an air scrubber, hydroxyl generator, and air mover, Airbotx machines encompass all three. Ambient air is drawn into the Airbotx machine through a MERV 8 filter and HEPA filter before passing into the UV-C light chamber, where the air is thoroughly disinfected before being pushed back out. 

Final Thoughts

In the restoration and cleaning industries, improvements to efficiency and the efficacy of odor removal techniques allow restorers to assist more people and swiftly restore businesses and homes. We have committed decades of research and worked closely with industry experts and UV-C scientists to develop a machine that accomplishes just that. Our machines move the needle one step closer to helping the world breathe safer and breathe easier. 

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