How To Set Up Your Airbotx Machine

In this video, Nestor Porres and Tom McArdle cover everything you need to know about unboxing and setting up your Airbotx machine! Please refer to the user manual for additional instructions.

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How to Set up Your Airbotx Machine

Unpacking Your Machine

  1. Your machine will come with two boxes on top and a power cord. Take these out and set them to the side. 
  2. The machine weighs 65 pounds and has two handles so that it can be taken out by one person, but of course, it is always easier with two.
  3. The MERV 8 and HEPA filters are already installed in the machine. The machine comes with keys to open the intake side. To access the filters, use the keys to open the intake door.

Setting up Your Machine:

  1. Install the four UV-C Lamps:
    • First, remove the upper chamber by unlatching the four locks and pulling up on the handle located directly on top of the machine. 
    • Next, remove the lamps from the white boxes that came with the machine and clamp them in (Watch 01:37 of the explanation video, for example).
    • Once your lamps are installed, attach the wire harnesses by aligning the end of the lamp and pressing in–do not twist! (Watch the explanation video at 02:42, for example.)
    • Pick up the chamber, return to the machine, and secure the four latches.
    • Connect the power cord to the input at the top of the machine. Your Airbotx machine is now ready to operate!

**A black cap is included with your machine. You can use it to cover either one of the exhausts if you want to shoot the machine in one direction.

If you have any questions about your machine’s setup or operations, please email

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