How to Develop New Business with an Airbotx Machine

As a cleaning or restoration professional looking to develop relationships with new clients, you may have faced this challenge: people rarely want to discuss their catastrophe plan for a disaster that hasn’t occurred. However, building trust with business owners prior to a big event is the best way to ensure you are a business owner’s first call in their time of need. 

One way to begin developing this trust is through providing a service that commercial property owners need regularly, giving you the opportunity to prove yourself and remain top of mind. A service commonly sought out by many businesses is odor removal.

The Market for Odor Removal

Hotels, apartment buildings, and other commercial spaces regularly face issues with pesky odors, such as smoke and marijuana. Time is of the essence for these business owners because money is lost every day they cannot rent out their space. If the odor is not successfully removed, customer satisfaction is significantly impacted. 

Conventional Methods for Odor Removal

Commercial spaces may have their own odor removal devices, such as an ozone machine. However, this approach requires the space to be unoccupied during service, as ozone is harmful to living things and can deteriorate certain materials with extended exposure. Additionally, ozone machines leave a lingering chemical-like odor that must be aired out of the space before it can be occupied again. 

How Airbotx Machines Remove Odors

Airbotx machines employ UV-C lamps, air scrubbers, and fans to effectively eradicate odors and VOCs. The Airbotx 390X draws in air from the surrounding environment, passing through the MERV 8 and HEPA filters and removing airborne particulates. The air is then drawn into the UV-C lamp chamber, which uses UV-C light to inactivate pathogens and produce powerful radicals and oxidants that are pushed out of the chamber and into the surrounding environment to eliminate odors and VOCs. 

Business owners will appreciate the enhanced capabilities of Airbotx machines, such as:

Can be used in occupied spaces: The Airbotx 390X is best for odor removal jobs and can be used in occupied spaces when the machine is used in accordance with the operation manual. 

Does not produce residual odors: Airbotx machines remove odors without creating additional smells to address, making it a complete solution for odor removal. 

Use less equipment: Airbotx machines allow technicians to use less equipment. With air scrubbers and fans built into the machine, the Airbotx machine is all you need. 

Addresses the source of odors: You can assure clients that you are getting to the root of the problem rather than simply masking odors, as can be the case with chemical cleaners. Since Airbotx machines scrub the air of particulates and prevent pathogens from reproducing, Airbotx machines address the source of odors.

Final Thoughts

With an Airbotx machine, you can become the ‘easy button’ for commercial building owners who need regular odor removal services. Not only are you generating extra income, but you are forming a solid relationship so that if building owners experience a more significant problem, they know who to call.

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