Coverage Area & Variables to Consider

The Power of HEPA: How the Filters Work and Why They’re Effective

In the realm of cleaning and restoration, the importance of maintaining air quality cannot be overstated. Not only is this a crucial part of mitigating damage from smoke, mold, and other disasters, but it is important for the safety of the technicians on site. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have emerged as a crucial […]

How to Set up Your Machine

How to Set up Your Machine

In this video, Nestor Porres and Tom McArdle cover everything you need to know about unboxing and setting up your Airbotx machine! Please refer to the user manual for additional instructions. Get More Tips from Tom Including: Coverage Area Recommendations & Variables to Consider Airbotx Machine Features How to Clean and Maintain Your Airbotx Machine […]

Bonus: Extra Operational Tips

In this video, Tom McArdle discusses additional helpful operational tips to ensure you get the best results from your Airbotx machine. All tips are written on the operational instructional laminate included with your machine, or you can find them on our website.  Get More Tips from Tom Including: Coverage Area Recommendations & Variables to Consider […]

Airbotx Machine Features

[Transcript] View Video on Youtube. Intro [00:02] Hey everybody, thanks for joining us for our Airbotx videos. I am Tom McArdle. In this video, we are going to be talking about the different features of the machine so you understand everything behind how it works and what it can be used for. Power Cord Instructions […]

Airbotx 390X Coverage Area Recommendations: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the coverage areas of an odor removal device is crucial for successful odor elimination. This article explores the coverage area requirements for the Airbotx 390X with helpful tips and considerations to ensure optimal outcomes for your odor removal and disinfection projects. Airbotx 390X Coverage Area The Airbotx 390X is designed to eliminate moderate to […]

UV-C Safety Best Practices

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UV-C lights received increased global attention as a safe and effective means for disinfection and inactivating microorganisms. However, concerns began to mount with some machines over the harmful effect of direct exposure to UV-C light and the potential for ozone exposure. When used properly, UV-C has the potential to be a […]

What is UVGI?

UV-C light has become a powerful and natural way to disinfect and remove odors. However, to fully understand the potential of UV-C, it is necessary to understand the three different wavelengths that fall under this category of ultraviolet light. This article will explore the capabilities of UVGI, as shown in the Airbotx 290X, and uncover […]

earn new business with Airbotx

How to Develop New Business with an Airbotx Machine

As a cleaning or restoration professional looking to develop relationships with new clients, you may have faced this challenge: people rarely want to discuss their catastrophe plan for a disaster that hasn’t occurred. However, building trust with business owners prior to a big event is the best way to ensure you are a business owner’s […]

290X or 390X: Which Machine is Right For Your Business?

During our decades of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, our team tried many standard approaches for odor removal and disinfection. What we found was a marked problem in the design and application of popular procedures that hindered professionals from doing their jobs in the most efficient way possible.  We designed Airbotx with cleaning […]

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