What is UVGI?

UV-C light has become a powerful and natural way to disinfect and remove odors. However, to fully understand the potential of UV-C, it is necessary to understand the three different wavelengths that fall under this category of ultraviolet light. This article will explore the capabilities of UVGI, as shown in the Airbotx 290X, and uncover […]

earn new business with Airbotx

How to Develop New Business with an Airbotx Machine

As a cleaning or restoration professional looking to develop relationships with new clients, you may have faced this challenge: people rarely want to discuss their catastrophe plan for a disaster that hasn’t occurred. However, building trust with business owners prior to a big event is the best way to ensure you are a business owner’s […]

290X or 390X: Which Machine is Right For Your Business?

During our decades of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, our team tried many standard approaches for odor removal and disinfection. What we found was a marked problem in the design and application of popular procedures that hindered professionals from doing their jobs in the most efficient way possible.  We designed Airbotx with cleaning […]

Revolutionizing Odor Removal: Airbotx’s Next-Gen Technology

For over 15 years, the conventional method for removing odors has remained almost unchanged. Hydroxyl generators and air-scrubbing devices have served as the dynamic duo to effectively remove odors and purify the air. However, there is significant room for improvement in terms of technology and functionality. At Airbotx, we recognized the potential for innovation in […]

What is UV-C Dosage?

Every restoration and cleaning job comes with its own distinct complexities that influence how a project is approached. For odor removal and disinfection jobs, factors such as the type of structure layout, source of the odor, and project timeline all impact what type of device should be utilized and how it should be applied. When […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality With UV-C

Restoration and cleaning professionals are no strangers to poor indoor air quality. Unfortunately, restoration measures can even worsen indoor air quality for a period of time, putting workers and building inhabitants at risk of the health effects caused by contaminants. By providing an extra layer of protection against harmful air pollutants, UV-C light can serve […]

Mold Remediation: How UV-C Can Help

When it comes to mitigation, mold is the ultimate challenge. Due to its small size, ability to spread rapidly, and affinity for growing in hidden and hard-to-reach places, removing mold is no easy task.  UV-C has emerged as a powerful tool for assisting in mold remediation. When combined with other mold removal measures, the antimicrobial properties of […]

Is UV-C Safe? Uncovering the Risks of UV-C Lamps

More and more studies are proving that UV-C can effectively kill germs. Institutions such as hospitals are even using UV-C lights to reduce the transmission of superbugs. However, there are important considerations to keep in mind when using UV-C lights to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. How does UV-C inactivate microorganisms? […]

How does UV-C Inactivate Microorganisms?

In a world particularly concerned with managing harmful microorganisms, UV-C technology stands out as a powerful tool for disinfection.  However, you may be wondering how light can be effective in eliminating airborne pathogens and if it is as effective as other disinfectant measures, such as chemical sprays or ozone machines. In this article, we will […]

Alleviating Global Indoor Air Quality Concerns with UVGI

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented emphasis on indoor air quality. With people spending 90% of their time indoors and mounting concerns over sicknesses spread by airborne pathogens, regulators have been searching for ways to improve indoor air quality in public spaces and buildings. Consequently, countries like England have turned to a tried-and-tested […]

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