Case Study: Tackling a Waste Level 3 Hoarder Job with Airbotx

At Airbotx, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that revolutionize the way cleaning and restoration professionals approach odor elimination and disinfection. Our journey with 911 Hazmat Cleanup is a testament to the transformative power of our hydroxyl generators in biohazard cleanup.

When 911 Hazmat Cleanup representatives first came across Airbotx at the Nexus conference hosted by Aramsco in Las Vegas, we knew we had an opportunity to showcase our technology’s unrivaled capabilities. After our team demonstrated our machines, they witnessed firsthand their power and efficiency.

Eliminating Odors at a Biohazard Job

Following the conference, 911 Hazmat Cleanup wasted no time in incorporating our Airbotx units into their arsenal. Their first trial was no small feat—a three-week decomposition, animal waste, and human waste level 3 hoarder job. Placing our Airbotx unit strategically within the primary area, they began their cleanup process while allowing our technology to work its magic for a mere 24 hours.

The results were beyond impressive. Upon returning to the site the next day, the 911 Hazmat Cleanup team found no trace of the decomposition odor, even before removing any contaminated building materials. Our Airbotx unit had effectively neutralized the odors at their source, leaving the space fresh and clean—a feat that left both their team and their client in awe.

What sets Airbotx apart is not just our ability to eliminate odors but our seamless integration into existing cleaning processes. 911 Hazmat Cleanup combined our hydroxyl generators with their six-step Biohazard Forensic Cleaning Process, enhancing their odor removal efforts to ultimately deliver exceptional results.

Based on their enthusiastic recommendation, we’re proud to see 911 Hazmat Cleanup join the ranks of satisfied Airbotx users. Their endorsement speaks volumes about the efficacy and reliability of our hydroxyl generators in even the most challenging environments.

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