Bonus: Extra Operational Tips

In this video, Tom McArdle discusses additional helpful operational tips to ensure you get the best results from your Airbotx machine. All tips are written on the operational instructional laminate included with your machine, or you can find them on our website

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Helpful Operational Tips

  • Assess the Structure’s Layout: As soon as you arrive on site, take inventory of the structure’s layout. Consider how many floors there are, ceiling heights, hallways, and whether the source of the odor has been removed.  These factors will impact the time it takes to complete the job and how many Airbotx machines you need.
  • How Much Time Do You Have?: The average time it takes to remove odors from a building is 3-5 days; however, we don’t recommend turning a project down just because the odor needs to be removed sooner. Assess whether your team can complete the physical work necessary within the time frame and then use more Airbotx machines to speed up the odor removal process.

**A helpful way to view odor removal is that there are a fixed number of odor molecules on each job site. An Airbotx machine produces a certain number of radicals in a day, which finds the odor molecules in the environment, attachs to them, and eliminates the odor. If more Airbotx machines are on site, the concentration of radicals increases, and odors are eliminated faster. 

  • Turn on the Airbotx 390X at the Beginning of Each Project: A great feature of the Airbotx 390X is that with proper use, it can be used in occupied spaces and work to remove odors while your team is busy performing the physical work on the structure. Quickly removing odors at the beginning of a project is beneficial for several reasons, including:
    • All Work is Completed at the Same Time. Odor removal doesn’t have to begin after the physical repairs are complete. 
    • Client Satisfaction. There is a psychological impact for clients when they walk into their space just 24 hours after restoration has begun and find that it already smells better. They see that your team is already making a big difference in returning their structure to pre-loss condition. 
    • Technician Health: The radicals released from the Airbotx machine break down VOCs and other harmful chemicals in the environment, making it a safer atmosphere for your crew. 
  • Add Supplemental Air Movers: All Airbotx machines include a built-in fan. However, additional air movers are always helpful in dispersing the radicals into hard-to-reach areas. 

**If you are trying to treat multiple rooms simultaneously, position the machine at the end of the hallway, open up all of the doors, and then have additional air movers in the doorway of each room to pull the radicals into the space. The radicals must come in contact with porous materials such as drywall and furniture to eradicate the odors effectively. 

  • Open up All Cabinets and Drawers: Especially with poultry fires or smoke damage, it is important to open up all cabinets and drawers so the radicals from the Airbotx machine can access these spaces and remove the odors from the items in them. You don’t want to finish deodorizing a room to find that odors are still trapped within closed spaces!
  • Tips for Contents that are Heavily Damaged with Odor: Whether the item is on-site or off, follow the tips below to use your Airbotx machine to quickly remove odors from affected items by increasing the concentration of radicals they come into contact with.
    • Take the item off-site and place it in a small, confined space with an Airbotx machine.
    • If the item stays on-site, tent the item and use lay flat to inject the radicals into the tented area.
  • Clean the HVAC System: As a final clean of the area, use your Airbotx machine to clean out the HVAC system, evenly circulate radicals throughout the structure, and eliminate any odors remaining in the ducts. 
    • Turn the HVAC fan on
    • Pull the return filter and shoot the outtake of the Airbotx machine through the return 
    • Allow time to run and disperse the radicals
  • Machine Monitoring: We recommend monitoring your Airbotx machine once a day to be sure it hasn’t been unplugged and that no filters need to be replaced. Each machine has an hour meter that documents the number of hours the machine has been in use to help with accurate monitoring.
  • When the Job is Done: Turn off the machine and let it air out for 10-15 minutes. Exit the structure and go outside to refresh your nose. Return to the project and smell any porous objects to ensure the odor has been eliminated. Remember, just because the air smells clean does not mean the odor in the contents has been eliminated! 
  • Clean out the Machine: We recommend cleaning the machine after each project to extend the device’s longevity and ensure there isn’t any cross-contamination between jobs.

Please refer to the instructional manual or reach out to if you have any questions about operating your Airbotx machine!

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