Airbotx 390X Coverage Area Recommendations: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the coverage areas of an odor removal device is crucial for successful odor elimination. This article explores the coverage area requirements for the Airbotx 390X with helpful tips and considerations to ensure optimal outcomes for your odor removal and disinfection projects.

Airbotx 390X Coverage Area

The Airbotx 390X is designed to eliminate moderate to severe odors in the surrounding air and porous contents and structure areas that have absorbed the odor. Typically, this device covers a range of 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. To achieve optimal results, it’s imperative that the air emitted by the 390X reaches all impacted regions. This emphasizes the significance of strategic placement and the judicious use of additional air movers. 

With the Airbotx 390X, users can set the number of UV lamps they want to operate with a control panel located on the UV-C device. Below are the coverage area recommendations:

*Square feet of areas determined with ceiling heights at a minimum of nine feet. It is important to note that individual job conditions may vary and should be monitored appropriately to ensure safe working conditions.

For the full 390X operational manual, click here.

Beyond the square footage of the area, there are several additional key factors to consider when evaluating a project’s coverage requirements:

Structure Layout: The configuration of the building plays a crucial role in determining how effectively the UV-C light can reach and treat affected areas.

On-Site Contents: Various contents within the premises can influence the distribution of odors and the reach of the UV-C light.

Odor Severity: The intensity of the odor directly affects the time and extent of UV-C exposure required for effective removal.

Source Removal: Identifying and eliminating the source of the odor is paramount for successful deodorization and disinfection.

Project Deadline: The urgency of the project completion timeframe can impact the strategies employed to maximize coverage efficiently.

By considering these variables, restoration professionals can devise a comprehensive plan for strategically using the Airbotx 390X to disinfect and remove strong odors. This approach ensures not just the purification of the air but also the eradication of odors entrenched within contents and structural elements. The combination of strategic device placement and supplementary air movers maximizes the coverage area, facilitating a thorough and effective restoration process.

Remember, an informed assessment of these factors significantly contributes to the successful implementation of UV-C technology in disaster restoration projects.

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