The new generation of advanced UV-C disinfection and odor removal technology.

Equipment backed by science, and built for efficacy and reliability in any industry - Airbotx® is here to help the world breathe safer, and breathe easier.

Eliminate Odors and Pathogens the Natural Way – Don’t Mask Them!

Our Products

The Airbotx X-Series is backed by science and built for efficacy and reliability in any industry – Airbotx is here to help the world breathe safer and breathe easier!

Four ultraviolet germicidal
irradiation lamps (UVGI), a
MERV 8 pre-filter, and a
HEPA filter.

MERV 8 and HEPA filters
capture particulates like mold
spores, dust, dander, and
other particles.

UVGI lamps have the energy
to kill or inactivate viruses,
bacteria, fungal organisms,
and other airborne pathogens.


The 290X is designed primarily for germicidal applications. Utilizes four ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamps (UVGI) for maximum effectiveness.

Four UVC lamps, a MERV 8
pre-filter, and a HEPA filter.

It has a built-in fan capable of
treating up to 700 CFM and
can be used in occupied areas
following the operating

Treats odors from fire and
smoke, mold and mildew,
water losses, sewage,
marijuana, tobacco, animals,
crime scene and biohazard
projects, and more.


The 390X is designed to eliminate moderate to severe odors, like those commonly found in the cleaning and restoration industry.

More Powerful With 4 UV-C Lamps

The UV-C chamber in the Airbot X-Series will eliminate odors and VOCs, such as those caused by fires, cigarettes, mold, fuel and oil, trauma, curry, skunk, and more.

The UV-C chamber also has the energy to disinfect and destroy pathogens of all types including viruses, bacteria, spores, and other microorganisms.

Built-In Fan - No Lugging Extra Air Movers

The Airbotx X-Series uses advanced UV-C disinfection and odor removal technology. It draws in air from the surrounding environment and circulates it through both a filtration system and the UV-C chamber.

Stackable - Space & Logistics Saver

The Airbotx X-Series is designed for easy transport with wheels & handle and is stackable.

UV-C and HEPA in One Machine

The filters remove airborne particles such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and other debris.




Rentals & Large Loss Support

Available 24/7

We specialize in the Disaster Restoration Industry and Airbotx® solutions for severe odor applications throughout the United States

We are here to help with your next project, and we understand the urgency! That’s why we have Airbotx® equipment available 24/7 nationwide for rental and large loss support. Our primary focus is to help facilitate the fastest, safest, and most effective odor elimination on every project.


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